If my two kids will be using the same device to access camp together, do I only purchase one slot?

You will need to register each camper separately, although we offer a 20% sibling discount (code SUPERSIBLING). While we do allow campers to be on the same screen, but we recommend that your children are in different Super Teams with their age group. Super Team programming is tailored by age.

My child is 4.5 years old. - can they join in on the program? 

We recognize that Camp Supernow can be great for many advanced 4.5 year olds.  We recommend your child joins a free trial to see if the experience is a good fit for them. 

We are not located in the United States. Can we still join?

Yes! We have campers + counselors join us from all over the world! We have timezone flexibility. You can view our schedule options here.

Will my child need my help or supervision during Camp Supernow?

The Supernow experience is designed to allow parents to take back some time for themselves during the school day. All of the activities are intended for kids to be able to participate without the help of a parent. For the younger campers, we recommend that parents be present for at least the beginning of the first few meetups just to get the hang of things.

Who is my child’s Super Counselor and what is their background?

Each Super Team is led by a dedicated Super Counselor for the entirety of their 4-week session. Super Counselors are experienced childcare professionals, educators and performers with a specialty for virtual connection building, entertainment and facilitation. Super Counselors receive extensive training in virtual facilitation; diversity, equity and inclusion; and social and emotional learning. Meet our Super Counselors. 

How do you assign campers to their Super Team?

Campers are placed in Super Teams based on a variety of factors including preferred meeting time, camper age, and capacity (we don’t make groups larger than 8 campers). We also consider each camper’s individual needs when placing them in their Super Team. For example, if you indicate that your camper is shy and prefers to be with a Counselor who has experience with 5 year olds, we try to honor those requests.

Can I request a Super Counselor?

Please email us with your counselor request. We will do everything in our power to pair you with them depending on their schedule.

Can my child keep the same counselor each session?

Yes! We try to keep campers with their Super Counselor and other returning teammates from the previous session whenever possible, to maintain continuity. Occasionally scheduling or availability issues will prevent us from keeping campers with their previous Super Counselor.

Can I sign my child up with friends?

Yes! Campers can enroll and request to be placed in the same mixed-group Super Team with friends. Or you can opt to build a private Super Team by inviting 4+ friends, family members, or classmates to join in the fun with you.

Do you have discounts for schools and corporations?

Yes! We’d love to have you. Please send an inquiry for additional information. 

Why are sessions recorded?

We record sessions for safety and training reasons. We regularly review Super Team sessions to ensure overall experience quality.

Do you offer financial aid/scholarships?

We offer financial aid on a case by case basis. For more information email us.